Sustainability & Governance

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Making Power Accessible and Sustainable!

For us at PPGCL, sustainability is at the core of our performance strategy. We strive to make power generation accessible while also being mindful to our environment.

We’re Lowering our Air Emissions

  • Best-in-class equipment for continuous online monitoring of SOx, NOx gases, particulate matter emissions
  • Particulate emissions kept within limits with high-efficiency electrostatic precipitators
  • Online continuous monitoring system has been installed for monitoring of ambient air, stack emission and effluent
  • Adequate dust extraction and dust suppression systems at our coal yard area to control fugitive emissions


We’re Ensuring Effective Waste Management

  • The Company has all valid applicable statutory approvals to operate, hazardous waste authorisation and biomedical waste authorisation
  • Constructed silos for storage of the collected dry fly ash from the plant
  • Ensure 100% fly ash utilisation through cement manufacturers
  • Enlisted reputable institutions to conduct a study on ash pond management
  • Hazardous waste generated is recycled by an authorised recycler
  • Biomedical waste is handled and disposed through authorised agency.

We’re Increasing Green Cover

  • Developing a green belt around the plant periphery & ash pond
  • Ensuring local plant species within the green belt
  • 3.34 lakh saplings planted till FY 23.
  • Biodiversity mapping done by an expert agency
  • Herbal garden developed within township area

We’re Doing Efficient Water Management

  • Groundwater monitored in and around our ash pond area for heavy metals on a regular basis
  • Constructed rainwater storage and harvesting facilities
  • Closed-cycle cooling system used at the plant using natural draught cooling towers
  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) has been installed and the treated water is recycled/reused
  • Sewage treatment facility to treat sewage water and use it for watering the flora in our plants
  • AWRS (Ash Water Recovery System) has been installed
  • Rain water harvesting pond has been established

We’re Shifting to Renewable Energy

  • All the measures taken to install solar power in the plant
  • Installed roof top solar plant of 204 kW and 61kW has been installed at school and hospital building.
  • Installed solar street light in township