Learning & Development

An insight into our various development programs:

Training Program

At PPGCL we provide the opportunity to build the competencies of employee’s on structured manner. Accordingly proper training need identification is being done though annual PMS and other Talent management methodologies. Based on the need we categorized these trainings into functional, behavioural and organizational trainings for each employee’s every year.


PPGCL’s digital learning platform Gyankosh enables employees the opportunity to unleash their full potential for self & organisation development. Gyankosh is powered by Skillsoft’s LXP Percipio for anytime, anywhere, any device learning. Gyankosh currently has over 88000 learning resources in the form of Courses, Video, Books, Books Summaries, Audio Books, Audio Book Summaries to cater to varied learning styles – Watch, Listen, Read, Do. It address developmental needs of employees by administering niche learning interventions by embedding training into everyday work, without disturbing normal work schedules, thereby fulfilling learning & development needs of all employees across geographies and generations.

Digital Academy

At PPGCL, we are on a journey to achieve Growth and Transformation. We have, over the years, continuously embraced new technology for automation and digitization. These investments have made us data rich. However, the level of richness lies in extent of use of data to predict/recommend/derive insights for enhancing asset performance, customer experience, employee productivity and for launching new business models. To achieve the richness and moving towards next level of performance, leveraging data within and outside our business is critical and requires us to build strong capabilities. Towards this, the Digital & Information Technology team in collaboration with HR's capability & leadership development team co-designed and launched PPGCL's Digital Academy. This academy offers 2 tracks, namely, Data Evangelist track (for the Senior Leaders) and Data Practitioner track (Professional, Champion & Expert Level certifications for the officers) in partnership with Professors from UC Santa Cruz and leading EdTech companies.

Focus Group Training

At PPGCL FGTs address Dept/ group / team-based development needs on areas such as Domain/ Technical / Functional Excellence, Emerging Competencies & Technology shifts, Sector / Industry understanding & outlook, Business Acumen, Dealing with Ambiguity & Change, Collaboration, Customer Focus, Team bonding/ Cohesiveness, Group Dynamics etc.