Our Business

The Promise of Reliable Power

We endeavour to provide power at the most affordable rates while utilising all resources to their full potential.

We utilise technology that ensures excellence

  • Implemented supercritical technology in our plant
  • Ensured the system’s enhanced efficiency, lower emissions, and lower operating costs
  • Power generated is transmitted through double circuit lines

Our Business

We optimise through collaborations

  • Various collaborations undertaken for research and development
  • Focusing on optimising supply grid frequency
  • Promoting safety and preventing accidents
  • Maximising efficiency to reap long-term advantages

We partner for sustainability

  • Developing India’s first Lypors® pilot production factory with ZaaK Technologies
  • Minimising the usage of valuable natural sand resources & strengthening our sustainability resolve

We ensure uninterrupted services

  • Our team works round the clock to ensure continuous operations
  • Curated strategy to achieve a minimum downtime of critical equipment

Plant highlights

  • Double Circuit Transmission Lines: 765 kv & 400 kv
  • Switchyard: 765 kv
  • Interconnecting Transformer: 765 kv / 400 kv
  • Coal Annual Contracted Quantity (ACQ): 6.96 MTPA
  • Merit order Dispatch Ranking in UP area: Ranked 2nd among IPPs
  • Crisil Rating: AA-